Florida Home Seller Partner Program


We will be offering our Seller Partner Program throught Southeast Florida. This program combines all tasks associated with performing pre-listing improvements and listing your home to achieve the maximum selling price.

Florida Home will provide up to $100,000 in improvment funds for qualified properties including a listing preparation for cosmetic home improvements such as kitchen, bathroom, flooring, painting and landscaping.We charge 4% for a 12- month listing agreement with no payment due until closing .If the home is not sold within one year of the completed improvement, the improvement loan will be due in full. All work will be performed by our in-house staff.

What Makes Florida Home Different?

As a single-source provider, we perform all improvements in addition to listing your home for sale which gives you one point of contact.

Improvement Loan Seller Criteria:

    1. Minimum credit score of 700
    1. The equity in the home is at least 4X the improvement amount
    1. Evidence of three comparable homes that are similar in price, location, square footage, etc., that have been listed and sold in the last six months

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