How Interior Designers Assist With New Home/ Renovation Projects

By Sidney Gardiner

First of all, it is important to uncover what the client wants before the design process begins.

HowAn Interior Designer Helps Clients  Make Decisions During The Design Process

Listening is critical to helping clients.  

  • During the intake interview our designers listen to clients’ needs, wants, likes, dislikes.
  • We look at the space they currently have and find out what doesn’t work.  
  • What do they want the area to do for them?
  • What are the needs in that space?  
  • What are their desires?

Our design team gives you, the client, “homework.”  We encouraged you to:

  • Start a “wish list”
  • Go through magazines and websites, save pictures of what you like; design concepts that resonate with you
  • Look at paint colors and design trends
  • Find pictures of counter tops, cabinets, back splash ideas

By taking the time to do the homework, it will help identify what you like and the meeting with the designer will be more productive.  You work as a team and will identify a starting point to pull concepts together for consideration and approval.

Our designers want to earn the client’s trust.  We work hard to pinpoint solutions that directly meet your requirements and narrow down the options.  We will submit concepts with the reason they were selected by way of explanation.

With the client’s help and input by doing their homework and creating a wish list, we collaborate to have a positive outcome.

We provide a seamless process to create surroundings that our clients will be happy with for years to come.  One that reflects positive energy, organic style and an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and security.

We are here for you every step of the way and want to earn your trust. You do your part, and we will do ours.

We are confident you will be like our many clients and be thrilled with your new environment.

Florida Home Owner