Investment Builder Programs

Florida Home has a limited number of turnkey business  programs available to investment builders to develop real estate and to buy/renovate/sell houses utilizing our  in- house services for realty, architecture, engineering, permitting, and accounting

This partnership opportunity makes real estate development possible for the entrepreneur  who wnats to develop South Florida  real estate 

1.. Florida Home’s Real Estate Investment Club: This program gives the Member the opportunity to partner with Florida Home to buy/renovate/rent/sell properties throughout  South Florida. 

2. Florida Home’s  Joint Venture Program:  Florida Home defers $900k  of their new home pricing as a contribution to match  the investors $900k build a new 6,000sf spec home. Current projected profit for a  6,000 sf new home for the investor is $1m +- after reimbursement of contributions. Estimated time  from start to completion is 16-18 months+-.Contact us for more information.


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