Medical Construction Trends

 By Sidney Gardiner

The old, boring, sterile medical model is morphing into a high-tech, spa/hotel like patient friendly environment. And can we all admit that it’s about time???

The paradigm has shifted and the new medical construction model is going to increase profits, and create an atmosphere of patient comfort and security. The high tech advances will make diagnosis, treatments, surgery and post care more reliable, eliminating the “human error factor”. The new age technology allows for seamless communication between doctor specialties.


The design and the way buildings are utilized has evovled. Because of COVID ( it has brought to light the need for patient protection) big Pharma and Insurance companies, a deep dive was done and has forced everyone to look at what works and what does not.

No longer are medical buildings opting for max leasing flexibility and a must to be near a hospital. Interior was formal and boring making patients stressful. The new phase of medical construction is designed to be more inclusive care for patients. Hospitals were penalized for high readmissions causing insurance rates to climb. Finally, rather than focusing on treating symptoms ( drugs and surgery) they are now putting more effort into treating the underlying condition and taking a whole body Holistic approach for a positive outcome. Therefore, fewer visits to the doctors and hospital


Because there is a push for hospitals and health care systems to reduce the cost of providing care, while simultaneously improving patient outcomes the building structures have become more complex. Floorplans  now often showcase multiple modalities under one roof.  Such as pharmacy, labs, imaging, urgent care and surgery centers. These buildings are located near populated areas making it easy for people to get to and receive the testing, services they require. Walk in clinics are now popping up in the middle of high usage areas and right around the corner from neighborhoods.

Design concepts are going High-Tech with convenient kiosks for patient check in, patient tracking devices and exam room sensors. This means less wasted lobby space and overall better utilization of functional space.


Aesthetics are upped several levels in regard to decor creating a hotel/spa environment. Having warm soft colors, friendly, non- threatening exam and treatment rooms helps keeps patient stress levels down. You will see the use of live plants and foliage throughout facilities.

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