Medical Design / Build / Interiors

From your imagination to reality

About Us

Florida Home, a concierge company for physicians to provide in-house realty, architecture, construction, interior design and interiors. Our staff has decades of realty-design-build-interiors experience in the residential and commercial fields and is now offering these turnkey services to the medical community

Our in-house designers provide the latest trends in medical interiors.

Together, we will build your ideal space

Let us help you with your vision for the ultimate working environment for you, your staff and your patients.

Personalized Designs

Every discipline is different when it comes interior design. We offer designs from primary care to all the specialty disciplines to meet your needs.

Medical Spa Trends

Currently there is a trend from "traditional" medical interiors to a "medical spa" environment. Our designers are familiar with these trends to customize your office with a sustainable design.

Medical Office building Joint Ventures

Florida Home offers qualified participants an opportunity to develop Florida medical investment buildings where we contribute our realty, design and building management fees in exchange for a percentage of ownership.

Medical Banking

We work with PNC’s healthcare experts who provide funding for startup practices, expansion of existing practices and real estate purchases. PNC also understands patient billing, finance and technology – after all, they have worked with more than 1,900 healthcare organizations across the country, including payers (2,000 plus connections), providers, pharmacies, Medicare fiscal intermediaries and government agencies. They also provide implementation specialists and an online portal to help automate the revenue cycle and facilitate payer/provider relationships.

Medical Realty

Looking for a new location? Give our agents the criteria for your new space and let us do the groundwork with our design-build-interiors team to eliminate future build-out issues. Our professionals maintain individual certifications and memberships in distinguished industry organizations throughout their market areas. They bring experience and deep local-market knowledge to find the perfect solution for your business.

How It Works

01 Share your vision

We ask our clients to write a scope of work and sketch any ideas for our interior designer/project manager to generate a proposed floor plan. and to select interior finishes. .

02 Pricing & timeline

Once the scope of work, floor plan and finishes are agreed on we generate a project timeline with pricing,

03 Contract & Construction Plans

Our contract includes the scope of work, interior finishes and a payment schedule. We require a 5% deposit to start construction plans, 5% when plans are agreed to, 5% when plans are submitted for building permits and 5% upon building permit approval.

04 Implementation & Construction

We meet with the client onsite 2-3 times a week during construction to ensure the scope of work is accurate. Projected timelines for a 3,000 sf space:: ....4 weeks for architectural plans ...8 weeks for building permit approval...12-16 weeks for construction.


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