Seller Partner Program

Selling a Home That Needs a Cosmetic Facelift?

We Provide the Improvement Funds to Maximize the Highest Selling Price!!

Florida Home Seller Partner Program- How It Works


We provide estimated upfront costs of approximately $100k for a 5,000 sf home including a listing preparation for cosmetic home improvements such as flooring, kitchen, bathroom,  painting and landscaping. We offer seller partner programs throughout Southeast Florida where there are never any hidden interest or fees. Funds available to the sellers are based on the post-renovation market value of the home. Collection of payment for services will occur at the close of sale/escrow or within one year of the completed improvement. By investing in your home’s potential, the Florida Home team aims to provide a swifter, more profitable sale. Florida Home charges a 4% listing fee for a 6- month listing/improvement agreement. In the event the home is not sold within one year of the completed improvement, the improvement loan will be due in full.

An improvement agreement will be reached between the seller and our team. Using our knowledge of the market we will work closely with our clients to decide which home renovations will provide the largest increase in their home’s value and make their home ready for sale. We will then decide on the budget needed for those home improvements to be completed. Once the client is approved for the seller partner program, they will receive the improvement loan. We will work alongside our clients as our vendors put in the necessary work to complete the improvements in a timely manner.

During our client’s home improvement, we will work on a customized marketing plan and provide a market exposure plan before the home goes on the market, essentially allowing us to list the home with the proposed improvements on the Multiple Listing Service. This allows for maximum exposure for our clients and helps us determine the market for your home even before the improvement is complete.

Improvement Loan Seller Criteria:

  1. Minimum credit score of 700 
  2. The equity in the home is at least 4X the improvement amount
  3. Evidence of three comparable homes that are similar in price, location, square footage, etc., that have been listed and sold in the last six months


Florida Home Is A Single Source Provider

Florida Home is the only firm providing in-house realty, architecture, interior design, engineering, construction, and furnishings in Florida and maybe the country. This allows us to deliver an easy, seamless experience for our clients, team members, and vendors, and to create efficiencies in process and pricing. 

Our Team are Universal Sales/Interior Designer/Project Managers

Our projects are driven and managed by highly knowledgeable, service-minded interior designers, providing our clients a trusted and relational single point of contact.

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